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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Customer calls in your company for product related query that case you no need to any person to answered your call, but by an electronic receptionist, an automatic attendant the calls . The answer your customer query , and transfer the call as per client required Dial the extension number of the department or person you want to reach by a recorded voice. And thus it goes on giving you options. This system reduce your time and direct connect the contact person without any human interaction, that call calls you can get report with voice recording, ivr system you can configure with your any applicaiton auto ticketing,Interactive Voice Response System or IVRS is phone technology that permits a computer to mechanically sense voice and touch tones using a normal voice phone.” The objective of IVRS is to cut down customer service costs by providing self service to customers and supervisory them to the subdivision, person or information that they need.

    Key Business Benefits

    Configure a personalized IVR message and prompts

    Use pre-recorded IVR messages

    Collect information about your callers

    Prioritize calls based on value

    Automate customer support

    Route the caller to the right agent or department

    Thrive with high call volumes

    Improve your company’s image

    Our automatic contact distributor (ACD) and IVR software were built by us and use the same platform

    No matter where your teams are located, all of your customers can use the same interface with our cloud IVR.

    Leverage cloud for centralized IVR system

    Automated speech recognition

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